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By Captain C | Thursday 21 October 2010 20:38 | 0 Comments
For a while now I've been suffering with an annoying problem when running OI on my Windows 7 laptop: any window or control that used the "default" font was rendered at the wrong size - it was being rendered as though I had a high DPI (120) set, which of course I didn't - the laptop was set to run at 96 DPI.

Here's a couple of examples to show you what I mean:

None of my other PCs running OI had this problem - just my laptop. The only difference was that the laptop OS was installed by Dell, whereas all my other machines were installed by me.

After some searching I came across the following blog post which gave the solution:

Windows 7, bitmap fonts and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Basically the DPI was set to 120 during the installation process which means that the standard OS bitmapped fonts were installed as 120 DPI rather than their 96 DPI versions. Unfortunately in Windows 7 these fonts are not changed by a user's individual DPI settings - they are system wide, and so affect all users regardless of their DPI setup.

Making the registry changes described in the MSDN blog article above solved the problem and OI now looks normal on my laptop again.

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