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By Sprezz | Friday 27 August 2010 18:17 | 0 Comments
We recently came across a situation where launching a popup would display a white screen where the popup should be and then GPF OpenInsight. This wasn't the effect we were actually looking for so we turned to our old friend WinDbg to track down the issue. Unsurprisingly it came down to the data table dll. (We say unsurprisingly because at the end of the day a popup is just an edittable with some extra buttons).

Unfortunately this didn't help so an anguished cry rent the air as your weary reporter decried the vexatious piece of software. Another Sprezzie hearing the cry enquired as to its cause. Upon being told he asked "would you have a long column heading on your dictionary item?". This was rapidly checked and sure enough the dictionary column heading was three lines deep. This was modified to just be the necessary length and lo and behold the popup now worked.

It hasn't been blogged previously by the other Sprezzie as it hadn't been reproducible - it was just a suspicion. Suspicions confirmed we're pleased to blog it lest anyone else be equally as baffled!

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By Captain C | Thursday 19 August 2010 16:04 | 2 Comments
It has come to our attention recently about a misconception regarding the lore of the Universal Driver. It has been commonly accepted by all (including us here at Sprezz Towers) that on small networks (2-4 users), using one of the Universal Drivers without an NT Service is the preferred network configuration.

However, after a lengthy debugging session involving OpenInsight 9.1.1 and the UD 4.6, Revelation US has verified that without a Linear Hash Server product, you must use the All Networks Driver.

To quote Revelation:

Yes, out of the box the UD clients are included but that is to ease the installation. You still need a proper server setup for shared access.

You are right, but the “Universal Driver” refers to the combination of the Linear Hash Service and the Client Driver. Together the service and client drivers are the “Universal Driver” package. Using only the client driver without the service is only half the setup.


No, the “All Networks” driver was a unique code base and worked on a completely different principle than the Universal Driver. To think of the UD as an all networks driver is not accurate.

OpenInsight 9.x includes the Universal Driver (LinearHash service and client driver) for , as I believe, the reason of making the setup of a proper stable multi-user setup easier. This is especially true for small 5 user networks that couldn’t justify the cost of the LinearHash service.

With the Universal Driver NUL (Network User License) free for all OpenInsight 9.x customers, we urge all pure OpenInsight shops not using a Linear Hash service to install the Universal Driver 4.6 NUL on your servers.

Those customer that choose not to upgrade to 9.x and are not using a Linear Hash Service product should switch drivers to the All Networks as soon as possible. Remember, switching back to the All Networks driver could cause you problems if any of your tables have been created with the new UD style header.

To help with this, Sprezzatura has enhanced our Revert LH Utility. This takes a linear hash table with the new UD 3 style header and converts it to standard LH format, readable by all network drivers.

Since the last release a few years back, we've fixed a few small bugs involving keys traversing frame boundaries. We've also added a new user interface window to help you with reverting your files back to the original header structure.

Our new user interface allows you to see the Revelation file names of the files you wish to revert. It also allows you to pick and choose files, if, for some reason, you'd like to keep the new header on some files.

This is a free of charge utility, and can be obtained by contacting us here.

Please note: The free version of the UD 4.6 does not work with any version of OpenInsight prior to version 9. It also does not work with Advanced Revelation.

(This post brought to you by the letter A(aron))

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