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By Sprezz | Friday, 27 August 2010 18:17 | 0 Comments
We recently came across a situation where launching a popup would display a white screen where the popup should be and then GPF OpenInsight. This wasn't the effect we were actually looking for so we turned to our old friend WinDbg to track down the issue. Unsurprisingly it came down to the data table dll. (We say unsurprisingly because at the end of the day a popup is just an edittable with some extra buttons).

Unfortunately this didn't help so an anguished cry rent the air as your weary reporter decried the vexatious piece of software. Another Sprezzie hearing the cry enquired as to its cause. Upon being told he asked "would you have a long column heading on your dictionary item?". This was rapidly checked and sure enough the dictionary column heading was three lines deep. This was modified to just be the necessary length and lo and behold the popup now worked.

It hasn't been blogged previously by the other Sprezzie as it hadn't been reproducible - it was just a suspicion. Suspicions confirmed we're pleased to blog it lest anyone else be equally as baffled!

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