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By Sprezz | Wednesday, 20 May 2009 08:00 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the inaugural posting of the new Sprezzatura blog. As we hinted in the last issue of SENL, production schedules became too protracted and we've decided to redirect our efforts into a more immediate media - namely blogging.

That isn't to say that we won't be continuing to add in depth articles from time to time - they may even make their initial appearance on this blog - it's just that when something happens that we consider to be worth commenting on, it's nice not to have to assemble an entire SENL to release it!

Hopefully you'll find the blog to be of interest and at the very least it'll help to keep you aware of where in the world Sprezz people are in case you want to meet up for a drink ;)

In the next few weeks we expect to see Andrew doing some work in the New York area before moving on to Chicago to do some work there. Following this he hopes to be somewhere in Texas! As the transatlantic flights will be covered this is an ideal opportunity to get some Sprezz consultancy without the added expense of transatlantic flights! So if you'd like him to drop by your office on his road trip drop us a line. Though having said that you can currently fly from London to New York for less than it costs to fly from New York to Houston! There's a price war out there on transatlantic flights and when you remove taxes and airport charges from the equation passengers are only being charged around $25 for the return flight.

In fact with prices being so cheap why not come over to Merry England for some sight seeing and one on one training - the dollar hasn't been this strong for quite some time so you'll be surprised how much buying power you'll have.

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