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By Sprezz | Monday, 10 August 2009 12:50 | 0 Comments
A new customer more accustomed to SB+ recently queried how they could access the data AFTER a read, but BEFORE the row was displayed on screen.

The first solution was just to use code called from a quick event as this would be after a read but before the user was able to undertake any actions. This was all well and good but if the screen were to be reconfigured based upon the contents of the row, there would be a slight flicker as the data displayed and then redrew. If this was unacceptable then the only other way would be to modify the Read event handler to get the row id, read the row, take the necessary actions then allow the read to proceed.

This is actually straightforward except for the process of getting the row id - which we've all had to do at some stage. Perhaps not surprisingly (given we've all had to do it at some stage ;)) a routine already exists in OpenInsight to achieve this. It is called OIWin_GetKey.

OIWin_GetKey is a function that takes two parameters - the Window name to retrieve the row id for, and a boolean flag indicating that if true only full row ids should be returned - if parts are missing then null should be returned and if false that partial row ids are acceptable.

The code to achieve the results required then becomes

0001     declare function oiWin_GetKey
0002     $insert logical
0004     rowID = oiWin_GetKey( @window, TRUE$ )
0005     if len( rowID ) then
0006        convert @fm to "*" in rowID
0007        row = xlate( "MYTABLE", rowID, "", "X" )
0008        * Take Action....
0009     end

[EDIT - 19 Jan 2011]: The returned key is @fm-delimited for multiple parts - the example above has been corrected to reflect this.

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