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By Sprezz | Wednesday 2 May 2018 12:14 | 0 Comments
Back in OI 8 the concept of Associated Multi Value (AMV) groups - present in the original Rev C-G - was reintroduced. Basically when designing systems, we, as the developer already know which columns make up an AMV group, so the dictionary was extended to include this information - specifically in columns 36 and 37

One column is defined as being the controlling Multi Value (the "group master") and it (and all other Multi Values in the group) are defined as being part of that group by name. So for example in my CODES table the controlling item CODES looks like this :-

and in the table builder the defined group looks like this

But here is the real beauty of this feature. In X the form designer knows about the group so when painting a new form and selecting the controlling MV I get this prompt

Clicking "Yes" provides me with this entry form

OK, so it's not perfect - the Exclude and Sortkey widths haven't been accounted for correctly BUT it's a vast improvement on the old way of doing things.

There are just so many cute little tweaks in X that are making my life so much easier. I haven't had so much fun in ages!


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