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By Sprezz | Tuesday, 30 June 2009 11:59 | 0 Comments
In May we blogged warning that OI 9.0 shipped with a blank SYSPROCNAMES.

Just this week a client contacted us with screen shots of some frankly bizarre Popup behaviour.

"You haven't by any chance recompiled POPUP_SUB have you?"

"Well yes..."

As longstanding OI developers will be aware, the source code for POPUP_SUB that is out there was provided during the "fire sale" of previous management who, having no 32 bit product to deliver tried instead to give away elements of the product source to assuage a malcontent user base. So it's very out of date. The blank SYSPROCNAMES allowed the client to recompile this old code and to trash their working popups.

If you're at 9.0 it might be an idea to follow the advice given in the original blog post and manually update your SYSPROCNAMES.

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