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By Sprezz | Tuesday, 14 July 2009 15:02 | 0 Comments
Due to a misunderstanding I've just answered the phone to a gentleman calling from New York. The conversation (which I'm still smiling about) went something like this..

"Hello, could I speak to the Managing Director of Sprezzatura please?"

"Limited or Inc?"

"Err... Limited"

"That'd be me..."

"Well hi, I'm X calling from Y in New York and we've been researching your company on the internet and you're quite a big software company."

"Oh no we're not - we're small to medium sized."

"Oh really? How many people"

this continued in similar vein for one or two more sentences and then I asked

"Are you a Boiler Room?"

"Ermmm - yes. Can I offer you some boiled dumplings?"

"Dim sum? Sure..."

"Well... it is hot here... anyway, thanks bye"

First time in my life I've had one of these guys just 'fess up immediately...
my faith in humanity has received an unexpected boost :)

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