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By Sprezz | Thursday, 6 May 2010 17:14 | 0 Comments
One of the more scary things to come out of the recent Revelation conference was the frequent discussions about the new legislation coming through in the US mandating the encryption of data like SSNs. This is something that is obviously of concern to end-users and software developers alike. As some commentators mentioned:

If you have a database that contains 1,000 names of Massachusetts residents and lose it without the data being encrypted, that's $5,000,000.

Yikes could your business, or that of your clients, afford to take such a risk with unencrypted data?

A product that we’ve been using ourselves for several years provides secure commercial grade encryption capability for OpenInsight applications (OpenInsight’s ENCRYPT_FORMAT uses an algorithm which is widely viewed as not being suitable for new applications). S/Encrypt provides multiple encryption algorithms (including AES256) to satisfy the most demanding of clients (in our case security aware financial firms and “sensitive” Government Agencies).

This is a topic that every software developer, working with sensitive data, needs to be taking seriously these days. If you find yourself in this camp, then you’ll be interested in S/Encrypt as your fast, secure and economical solution to this legal requirement. To learn more, please contact Martyn (Martyn at Sprezzatura dot Com) for a copy of the latest S/Encrypt documentation.


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