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By apk | Wednesday, 29 December 2010 02:17 | 0 Comments
Sprezzatura's attention to the smallest details are legendary.

On Thursday I finished up the code for a window we're converting from ARev to OI 9.2. I was just about to start on the softkeys when I see it's 4:00 so I figure this is a good stopping point and I head off to pick up the kids.

I leave the office, and Ellen (the office manager at Sprezz Towers West) teases me about leaving before her on Christmas break.

I head home, and cycling down Spruce Street I think there's loads of extra delivery trucks, but very little traffic. I chalk this up to being just before Christmas.

As I walk to the daycare center, I talk to my dad, whose a little confused why I'm picking them up now.

I get Jacob and his class is on the way to the gym, and I thought that's a bit odd at this time of day, but I've only been picking up the kids since Monday, so I'm not clear on their schedule.

As we walk home, Jacob and I are talking about how the days are getting longer and how it's still light going home, and I think to myself, it is really light out considering how dark the walk home had been the past few days, the change isn't that drastic so quickly.

Then he wants to go to the park, and I tell him it's far too late and we need to make dinner. He argues that it's not, and we have time, so I take out my watch to show him the time, and it's not 5:20 at all. It's 4:20. I think my clock's wrong, so I call my dad to ask him the time, and sure enough its only 4:20.

I was looking the clock on the client's box (the work is done remotely) and they're an hour ahead, on Atlantic time. So, despite looking at the clock by the front desk when I left the office, and despite looking at the clock at the house when I dropped of the bicycle, and despite my Dad wondering why I was picking the kids up now, and despite looking at the clock at daycare when I arrived, I never noticed it was an hour earlier than I thought.



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