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By Sprezz | Monday, 1 June 2009 17:29 | 0 Comments
Returning from yet another West Coast trip (albeit this one was for pleasure - I actually ran in Bay to Breakers for the first time) I was struck by how stupidly low priced international travel has become.

Here at Sprezz towers we're blessed with a huge choice of airlines with which to fly to the US although we tend to favour Virgin Atlantic or British Airways and these two seem incredibly well synchronised when it comes to pricing deals. The major problem with flying out of the UK is the stupidly high taxes levied on departure. Recently we've seen return transatlantic fares fall below £300 ($480) of which over £275 ($440) was tax meaning that the airline itself was making less than £25 ($40) on the flight - or £12.50 ($20) each way. This is economic madness and speaks strongly of the recessionary pressures on international travel.

Naturally there's a plus side to this or I wouldn't be blogging about it! It now costs less to fly in a Sprezzatura consultant to the US than it does to take most domestic flights - especially if they're a couple of thousand miles! So if you've got a pet project you'd like to have peer reviewed or an application that you know would benefit from the application of Sprezz's in depth knowledge of OpenInsight and AREV's internals then there's never been a better time to involve us.

Alternatively we already have plans for Sprezz people to be in the US in June, July and August so if you'd like us to schedule a trip to see you around one of these existing paid for flights then let us know.

Contact us via the contact page and let's talk!


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