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By Sprezz | Monday, 15 June 2009 10:44 | 1 Comments
So I'm on client site in NYC working on an old AREV system we've web and OI Tablet application front ended for them and we've got the old Linear Hash Service 2.1 non-unique station Ids on the same workstation coming up.(If you're not familiar with this, running multiple instances of AREV on the same workstation returns non-unique station ids). This is causing us no end of problems and the obvious fix (upgrade to the Universal Driver) isn't possible just now. So I had to develop a routine to change the current Station Id to make it unique.

I developed the routine (using date time and a random number) and it seemed to be working well but here's where I discovered an interesting fact. If you PERFORM or EXECUTE an AREV command with field marks in, it will "stack" the commands and issue them one at a time. This isn't really that useful but it is a constant delight to discover new information about a subject you thought there was no more to learn about!

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  • You can set @station if you either have a system compiler, or else change the assignment opcode in the object.

    Of course, this was done by a certain emu years ago when workstations under various Microsoft incarnations of the Novell Netware Client, issued *no* @station id (on REV/G) and locking was thus compromised on Novell.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 31 January 2011 at 03:10  

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