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By APK | Wednesday 4 August 2021 17:48 | 0 Comments

This will probably be obvious to most, but it's been a real thorn in my side since day one of OpenInsight, and by day one I mean alpha testing and writing bits of OI 2.0 back in my apk@revelation.com days.

I've always had trouble remembering which property is LIST and which property is ARRAY.  Every time I use these, I either get it wrong or just load HELP to check which one is column by row and which one is row by column.  Finally, with a little help from Captain C, I have a working mnemonic.

ARRAY == Across, because the data moves across the table.
LIST == Lines, because the data comes back line by line.

Finally, almost 28 years later, I can stop searching HELP daily.


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